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Champion Elite Household - White or Black

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Champion Elite Household - White or Black

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The Champion Elite 4000 Juicer uses a powerful 1/3 HP AC motor, which is rated for continuous use. The motor is encased in a durable Poly-Carbonate plastic cover, which will not chip or fade. A handle is provided for ease of handling. The Champion Elite 4000 is extremely versatile. It employs two augers (Grinding and Greens), which enable it to juice hard vegetables, fruit, wheatgrass and leafy greens; to homogenize for nut butters, frozen fruit smoothies, soups and sauces and to shred for salads.

Available in Red, Black and White.

*This unit is shipped wired for 110* US USE ONLY

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————————US SHIPMENT ONLY————————


Description on what comes in the box with the juicer Champion Elite 4000. (HOUSEHOLD)

1 Motor Assembly

1 Body

1 Screen Insert

1 Blank Insert

1 Grinding Auger

1 Greens Auger

1 Restrictor – Juicing

1 Restrictor – Open

1 Deflector

1 Tamper

1 Funnel

1 Body Seal (o-ring)

1 Juice Bowl – Deluxe

1 Sieve

1 Cleaning Brush

1 User Manual


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