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Recent research confirms that it’s not simply the quantity of calories that you consume, but the QUALITY of those calories, that makes a difference on losing weight and living an overall healthy life style. By making your own healthy snacks for you and your family, you know exactly what you’re putting in your body and you can avoid those highly processed and refined snacks that sabotage your journey towards a happier and healthier you.

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables require no added sugar or salt or preservatives. Plus you get all the fibre of the whole fruit and all the minerals.  Plus, dehydrators are not outrageously expensive and allow you to stock up on food when it’s least expensive. 

Juicing machines, blenders, air fryers, and pressure cookers have also become a home appliance staple for anyone that is interested about making healthier food choices.

Dehydrated food is just food–usually fruit, vegetables or meat–with all of the moisture dried out of it. 

Processed snacks can be expensive, as can store bought dehydrated food. You can save a lot of money by buying fresh food in bulk and dehydrating it yourself. Take advantage of any fresh food deals you find at your local market and then dehydrate it and store it for later. Overtime, you’ll have an ample supply of homemade dehydrated food at your fingertips.

Dehydrated fruit and vegetables make for a great healthy snack alternative for parents that want their children to have a healthy snack at home or school, and develop their children's taste for fruits and veggies at an early age.

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